La Dolce Veda makes Love, and by Love we mean cakes, and other tasty treats!

All Superheroes have origin stories,
here's ours

La Dolce Veda is a cake and tasty treats company. However, that was not always the case. We rose from obscurity to answer the clarion calls that were ringing out for LOVE. There was a longing in the world. Unmet needs and growing desires for LOVE, that is actually worth the calories associated with consumption and made with LOVE

What started as a challenge has grown into so much more. At La Dolce Veda, our superpower is LOVE. “We Make Love!”  Love is added to every creation made. There are lots of folks that sell pretty cakes, but those cakes are not delicious and moist. As cake connoisseurs, and admitted picky eaters, we have turned down many cake slices, because after the first bite, the slices were not worth the calories. La Dolce Veda delivers on it ALL – moist, yummy deliciousness, or as we call it “yummayliciousness.”

Veda S. Stanley, the CEO of La Dolce Veda, is an accountant by training, with three passions – a passin for service, a passion for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strategy and delivering palate changing cake experiences. Many of her colleagues have a hard time reconciling the fact that she bakes and does it well. To that Veda says…

 “Hear me now, and believe me later, the proof is in the cake and the truth is in the taste.”

La Dolce Veda makes LOVE, and by LOVE we mean cakes, and other tasty treats. Each menus item is made with LOVE. They are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and scintillatingly pleasing to the palate. Each bite is infused with flavor and not something that tastes as if flavor is an afterthought. Our guess is,  most companies use the same recipe and add flavorings/extracts and call it something different – That is not how we work at La Dolce Veda. Your cake experience will be unlike any other, because we allow you latitude to customize your cake creation. 

Order your La Dolce Veda creation and taste for yourself. It will change your life, or at least your palate.

You can thank us later for saving your life from the humdrum cakes and tasty treats you were used to.


Give the gift of Love